Live Events for Entrepreneurs


If life-changing growth is what you want, there is nothing more powerful and effective than learning in person with peers and experts. Well organized events that are crafted to provide education, relaxation, networking and direct access to speakers can absolutely transform your entire mindset and business.

I believe that part of my life’s purpose is create space for all of the above, so as often as I can, I create, plan and host events like these. My events always promise some luxury touches too, because who can relax in a crappy hotel? No thanks!

The Speakers Were Phenomenal

“I was nervous if the retreat would be worth the money, if it would be too basic, or
if I’d like the other attendees. I can say my expectations were fully met! The
speakers were phenomenal and I loved the small group breakout sessions – also
food and hotel were 10 out of 10! ”

P4 luxe Retreat Attendee


What is it: Commercial & Stock Pet Photography Workshop

Who is it for: Serious Photographers

Why: This is the only workshop for photographers who are interested in
adding Commercial and Stock photography to their business model.

When: April 11-17, 2018

Cost: from $4999


What is it: Luxury Business Planning Retreat for Petpreneurs

Who is it for: Pet Entrepreneurs

Why: If you have a pet business and you’re serious about setting and
achieving big goals, but know you need some help and accountability to
make it happen – this epic, eective, game-changing retreat is for you.

When: January 2019

Cost: from $4999