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Transform your brand from the inside-out.

Pivot your business into a purpose-led brand. Refresh everything from your messaging to your logo, your pricing to your palette (using colour psychology of course) with step-by-step support from Nic and her team: together we’ll co-create your deliciously powerful, professionally-designed rebrand.

Quick Fix Colour Course

Change Your Colours

Tap into the power of Colour Psychology to instantly boost your sales and inquiries. Follow this quick and easy course to leverage the MOST powerful marketing tool you’ve got, to quickly and predictably improve the results on your website.  Use the most important tricks in colour psychology to make small, but impactful changes to your website that will help you connect with your audience and instantly boost trust and sales online.

Or explore individual courses: mix & match to suit your budget & curiosities

Uncover & clarify the spark within

Find Your Why

Excavate the weird and wonderful parts of you that are craving to be seen, celebrated and given permission to rise, through my disarmingly simple, yet life-changing Whymapping™ experience.

Fill Your Happiness Gaps

Find Your Joy

Do you know what ‘enough’ looks like? Define what your version of ‘Happy’ is and get a simple positive psychology checklist to help you decide what matters most & move towards more contentment & joy.

Embrace your archetype superpower

Choose Your Identity

Who do you want to be? Discover your superpowers, and you’ll finally be able to love the ‘flaws’ too. Learn how to embrace your ‘opposites’ and release the labels you don‘t want – then suddenly it’s effortless to find focus, maximize your strengths and allow deeper levels of self-acceptance to flow in and fill you up. 

Discover the Joy of Colour

Find Your Colours

Experience the profound wellbeing and excitement that comes when you discover how to find, refine & translate your personal preferences for colour into joyful harmony in your life & business.

Craft your shit-hot brand messaging

Find Your Words

Grab my tried & tested fill-in-the-blank formula for quickly turning boring, confusing, rambling into short, sharp, succicnt, MEMORABLE messaging that converts.

Define your personal mission

Craft Your Legacy

One of the most important elements of human happiness is meaning

Get those timeless images

The Perfect Photographs

Having portraits that feel honest, flattering and delicious is a unparalleled pleasure. Curating a successful photography experience for your family or business can be transformative, healing & really, fun.

Makeover your brand

Design for Sucess

The design choices your brand makes should not be left up to chance or the personal preferences of you or your designer. There is a science to achieving the impact & results you desire – access those secrets here…

Makeover your spaces

Design for Wellbeing

Grab this simple, easy-to-apply blueprint for transforming your interior spaces with the materials, textures, patterns, art & furnishings that fit your personality type and the way you’d like each space to feel.