by | Sep 18, 2023 | Dealing with Whiteness

‘For me if you if you use that word as a white person, it is immediately a trigger that I have to be careful of how I move around you’ – Justin Nai’im Hurdle-Price

Ok, be honest.

When was the last time you said the word ‘woke’ in casual conversation?

If you’re most people, it wasn’t that long ago. It’s a term that is pervasive in pop-culture, but sadly pretty much always mis-used.

When you’ve used it – what was your intention? Did you know its history? Its true meaning?

Most likely, it was just shorthand for being ‘aware’ or ‘conscious’ or ‘liberal… or worst of all, some sort of verbal ‘badge’ for white people claiming they aren’t racist.

But it means so much more than most of us (white people) know or acknowledge.

People seem to get more and more exhausted these days with the discussion of words and why they matter – but language is the fabric of culture. Words become real. They matter.

So today, on this Dealing with Whiteness episode featuring Dr.Lynne Maureen-Hurdle and Justin Hurdle-Price – we’re picking the word ‘woke’ apart.

We’ll discover:

  • The history and importance of the word ‘woke’
  • Why the word is now associated with feelings of anger and disgust
  • Explore an illuminating example from women’s basketball in the US
  • Hear the most important thing white people can do to show their care and allyship


Plus, wanna know more about the great work Dr.Lynne and Justin are doing to hold space for courageous conversations like this one?

Find them here:

Web: Lynne Maureen Hurdle  | https://theconflictcloser.com/matter-of-race
Insta: @conflictcloser