The 6 Stages of a Strategic Rebrand

by | Jan 3, 2024 | Craft Your Brand

‘We need to find this beautiful balance between ‘it’s set in stone and I can never change it’ and ‘I’m gonna change it all the time because I can’t commit’

If you want to get the benefits of a brand, you need to create consistency.’

– J.Nichole Smith

This could be the most important podcast I do this year.

Not a bad way to begin, eh?
This episode is a must for any business owner who will be building a brand or rebranding this year.
This 60 minute-listen could save you MONTHS of pain and THOUSANDS in financial investment if you listen carefully and take just 20% of the advice in this episode.
In this episode I break-down the 6 Stages of a Rebrand (yes, it’s the same for a new brand) to help you do it properly, efficiently and most importantly… strategically.
You’ll disover what the stages of a rebrand are, how to navigate each one (avoiding the most common mistakes we see businesses make) and get tons of practical, actionable, POWERFUL guidance for thinking about or embarking upon building a brand or rebranding an existing business.
In this juicy conversation we’ll cover:
  • The difference between a strategic rebrand and visual rebrand
  • What actually is ‘positioning’ and what is made up of
  • Who you’ll need to help you with your rebrand
  • The 6 stages of a strategic Rebrand
  • What you need to get started
  • The #1 most powerful tool you have to get more predictable (and desireable) outcomes in your brand/business
  • What role your ‘why’ has in helping you make more money
  • How to use the psychographics (over demographics) to find and convert your ideal clients
  • How to use psychology without sterotyping people
  • Which traditional part of a rebrand is basically irrelevent
  • What pricing has to do with your brand and how to get it right
  • The most important question you need to answer to have a successful rebrand
  • The biggest pitfall most business owners make when it comes to their products & services
  • What are the three most important visual elements of your brand?
  • When and why should you consider a name change?
  • What’s the best angle for finding your niche-within-a-niche or ‘micro-niche’?
  • Where to start when rolling out your rebrand (Big launch? Soft launch? Which is better?)
  • and lots, LOTS more…