Are you facing Rebrand confusion
& crisis of confidence?

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Maybe you’re frozen and don’t know where to begin…

  • Maybe you’ve begun to wade through a rebrand on your own or with your team, and are stuck in the misery of underwhelming designs, unmet expectations, and a whole slew of decisions that you’re just not sure about.
  • Maybe you THOUGHT you’d done a GREAT rebrand, but actually, it’s not performing the way you’d hoped?
  • Maybe you’ve made the SUPER common mistake of letting a designer you just met, or a single photo you like of yourself be the thing you BUILD YOUR WHOLE BRAND around??

Your problem is NOT:

  • The design or the designer
  • The individual words or colours

The truth is…

Most rebrands end in failure or lacklustre results due to a lack of


Because the secret is,

Getting the branding right is only half the battle.

The REALLY hard part, is being able to EMBODY that gorgeous new brand once it’s done.

Worse still:

This whole lack of clarity, confidence and strategy problem can only PARTLY be outsourced…

There is no getting around the fact that SOME of it requires YOU to do deep inner work

(Which most designers won’t tell you because let’ be honest, that’s just plain awkward during a sales pitch)

I have a solution for you

One that will address the TWO BIG ISSUES you’re facing that are totally derailing your ability to start or finish a super effective and enjoyable rebrand:

  1. The right rebrand strategy
I’ve got a science-based step-by-step formula (sprinkled with a bit of magic) to end up with a brand that is a MASTER of the most important 8 seconds in business (and beyond). Follow on your own, with your team, or have me complete  it for you.
  1. The clarity & confidence:
Through the successes of my clients, as well as my own personal experience with the rebrand confusion & confidence crisis I’ve discovered what it takes to find and STEP INTO your power (and out of a desperate need to be liked and imposter syndrome) so you can BE this sexy, powerful new brand of yours.


Develop a powerful brand

& unlock the confidence to actually OWN IT

Embark upon an intimate


Rebrand and Reinvigorate Your Business and Yourself Through Brand / Body / Mind / Spirit Science & Magic.

What is it?

A six-month container to support you through a powerful rebrand AND the personal development to finally rid yourself of two of the most crippling conditions an entrepreneur can face: A desperate need to be liked, and imposter syndrome.

The perfect environment to support a total transformation for you AND your business simultaneously.

Your 6 month journey will include

  • An intensive one-to-one Whyfinding™ session with me
  • A revealing Brand Audit
  • Forever access to my signature Whyfinding™ course Find Your Magic
  • Access to my step-by-step Colour Brand™ ‘Quick Fix’ Rebrand formula
    (a complete guide to fix your colours, imagery, design, font and copy )
  • 12 months access to the Find Your Magic community
  • Monthly live group consulting (within the FYM group)
  • Private, weekly, members-only podcast for 6 months with me + my best mentors
  • Quarterly half-day workshops on the trickiest topics related to your journey
    (over 6 months, you’ll get access to 2)

Everything you need to build a brand that’s effective, gorgeous & wildly you – and – to actually feel clear, confident and worthy of it & the riches it yields.

For You

Access the genius of those who’ve done what you want to do and the powerful medicine they share, to heal the parts of you that are fighting against you getting more visible and more profitable…

It’s time to face the truth

You cannot build a powerful, desirable brand from a place of performing & pleasing – or from a position of desperately needing approval from others.

This is not another thing to just add to your to-do list.

This is the gentle but powerful container you need to feel safe, inspired, empowered, on-fire and supported in ways you know you need – but don’t know how to access or ask for as you complete the most mission-critical stuff that’s ALREADY on your list

You’re never going to FEEL ready or prepared – so you need to commit and practice integrity with yourself – because if you’re truly committed to prioritizing this within your existing resources (time/ money/ energy): then you have everything you need.

You’re as ready as you’ll ever be.
You’re as ready as anyone’s EVER been!

All you have to do is decide…
and then show up.

Supporting you:






^ Featuring insights from me and over a dozen of the most powerful mentors & authors I’ve leveraged on my own journey, guiding you step-by-step through your own personal transformation (using body, mind and spirit science + magic ) right alongside the practical rebranding tasks.

For Your Business

Use my colour brand™ formula to rebrand with confidence slip into something sexier that also works better

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Prioritize Purpose
Rebrand with Science
Boost Profit & Impact like Magic

1. Purpose

Clarify Brand Purpose

What drives you?

  • Whymapping
  • Brand Pillars
  • Why, Who, What, How
  • Purpose Statement
  • Impact Statement

2. Personality

Choose Brand Psychology

Who are you? Who are you for?

  • Brand Personality Type
  • Brand Archetype
  • Psychological Triggers
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Name / ‘Fame Name’

3. Presentation

Create your Brand Language

Master your First Impressions

  • Colour Story
  • Imagery
  • Copy
  • Fonts
  • Pattern / Texture / Illustration
  • General Design Aesthetic

Stop guessing

Why Color brand?

The Colour Brand Method™ is a step-by-step branding formula to give businesses an unfair advantage in the few seconds that
matter most: that almighty first impression.
This one-of-kind, scientific method turns ordinary businesses into conscious brands who benefit from subtle but miraculous
advantages that ensure they increase their impact and delight their people, while outshining, outperforming and outlasting their competition.

Join us

We would invite you to step into your new brand, the new you… to step into perhaps the most important journey of personal and professional development of our life, and to Emerge truly transformed.

All with step-by-step structure and support.

We personally invite fellow travellers into this journey one at a time  – all you have to do to join us is REACH OUT

Decision time

Let’s talk investment

When weighing-up the ROI on any business investment, I believe it is important to take all 3 of your Essential Resources into consideration: money of course, but time and energy too.


Plan to create a habit of spending a minimum of 5 hrs a week: 2.5 (30min. per weekday) on a routine (in the morning or whenever you want) to implement energy and personal development practices – 2.5 per week on branding projects like colour, copy, imagery etc.- once your rebrand is done then you can use that time on your marketing / visibility instead.

Rebrands take time (that’s why this container is 6 months)… But you’ll have different levels of commitment required – and all of it is under your control. it’s completely self-paced, so if you need to invest more time in say, a photo shoot, or doing some copywriting, or onboarding someone to do copy for you, you can choose how and when you invest that time. you have everything you need.


This program includes guidance and recommendations for energy work – my intention is that you claim back as much energy as you spend as you transform into more clarity and confidence so a bit like being carbon neutral – I think you’ll be in a better more sustainable energy position as a result of this program.


$999/mo for 6 months – OR – FREE with Colour Brand™ rebranding package*.
*If you’d like to have me do the rebrand FOR you (packages start at 12k), then the rest of this program (worth over $10,000) is my gift to you. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY – inquire here: [email protected] – inquiries will be considered in the order they are received.


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