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by | Oct 27, 2022 | Colour Psychology

When I was a kid…

One of my favorite books in the whole world was called the ‘Rainbow Goblins’ by a Spanish guy (who I think was an actual ‘Count’). Anyway, the gist is the story is about 7 goblins (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet – Yellow is the craftiest) who are on a mission to find where the rainbow originates so they can catch and feast on its colours. I remember being absolutely captivated by the illustrations, which are rich in colour, depth and detail (in reality they were oil paintings created specifically for the book and reproduced at about 1/3 their size). As a kid I loved the idea of gobbling up the colours of the rainbow and I was endlessly curious about how rainbows actually work. One more of the breadcrumbs that make me smile in retrospect, now that my path has led me to becoming a colour psychology consultant.

Devouring the Rainbow

I think of this book often as I embark to share my proprietary Colour Brand® and Colour Joy methods with new people… The reality is that the heady mixture of science and pure magic that predicts the way that colour physics merge into human happiness, storytelling, sales, design and psychology is about as easy to explain as how to catch and eat a rainbow… But the good news is that you don’t actually have to understand it intellectually to get it. Why?

Because you instantly FEEL it when you are immersed in it.

There seems to be a miracle moment where my students and clients, who, while wading through the discomfort of the unfamiliar – exploring colours, ideas and ‘rules’ they’ve never considered before- suddenly shift into the knowing, and more importantly, the deep feeling of trueness, of how this method will work for them, and impact those around them. It’s a click. It’s an emotional, mental, almost spiritual process, where all of a sudden, it all not only just ‘makes sense’ – but it feeeels sooooo gooood. This click, this moment is hard earned. It’s not instant, and it’s not always easy. But from this point there’s no turning back.   You might not understand how colour phsyics works, why only one personality type uses white or black, what on earth I’ve been rattling on about with this personality type stuff – or why the HELL I am so insistent that you use pink or where when you don’t love it — but then suddenly you GET IT. You get it because it’s working. You get it because people are feeding back to you the exact words you want them to think and feel You get it because you FEEL IT.

That’s how colour harmony works

When we can finally get out of our own way, and all of our resistance, the frustration of learning something new, and step out of the ruts we’ve carved by doing and wanting and believing and doing the same things for a lifetime. It may not seem logical, because in many ways, it’s not. Honestly, it’s the most magicky science I’ve ever come across! In the pursuit of a brand or wardrobe or home that feels great – that works – that is cool as shit…We sometimes spend a great deal of time, energy, money and agro… We start and start again We do it ourselves We hire people We hire people then do it ourselves then hire people again…   We can’t quite SAY what we want ( no matter how many mood boards and questionnaires we’re asked to create / fill-out) But one thing has always been true for every client, student and partner I’ve ever had…

We know it when we see it.

What you might not realize though- if you’ve had that experience – the discomfort and disappointment of personal styling or branding that just ‘isn’t it’ followed by the euphoria of stying and branding that totally IS IT… It is IT not because of some logical explanation… nope.

We ‘know it’, because we FEEL it.

This is Harmony

When there is synergy, congruency, alignment, connection between the conscious and sub-conscious experiences we are having in a first-impression or full-immersion in a website, an Instagram, a webinar, a speaker on stage, or a person standing in front of us… That is what we call harmony. It is a powerful feeling, that can sort of be described as a ‘I belong here – I want to eat, sleep, breathe and LIVE inside this feeling’ sort of experience. Feeling drunk on this feeling is what creates that ‘just take my money’ or ‘can I please be your friend’ vibe – where you feel almost desperate to buy something or keep someone so you can keep that feeling close to you at all times. In the case of a brand, maybe you you’re not sure what you want to buy yet, at that moment you probably don’t even really care what it costs, because you know you want it, and you almost want to REWARD this brand for being so EXCEPTIONALLY WONDERFUL. In the case of a person, you just have an instant sort of romance with their vibe and think ‘gosh this person is wonderful – how can I spend more time with them’. Someone confident and glowing is just addicting to be around.

You want a piece of it -you want to be identified with it – you YEARN to belong to it, with it.

What’s more – just at this point of ecstasy – where we are the most in love and infatuated – the best of these brands (and people) invite us along on a mission, a movement, into a community or on a journey where we can continue to chase this feeling of belonging and indulge this euphoria. Up to this point, you probably assumed this experience is something that is basically up to chance… Or only available to people with crazy money to hire award-winning creative agencies to craft every element of a wildly delicious brand for them…

But that’s no longer true.

Using a unique blend of colour psychology, colour physics, psychology and Whyfinding™, I have cracked the code on how any person or business can build a personal style or brand that achieves harmony. All you have to do is follow a proven process, stick to a few rules, make some key decisions, and be brave enough to step outside of your old patterns.

Are you brave enough?

If you think it might be time for a rebrand, and you want to know more about how to access my Colour Brand® method to use for yourself or with your team, check out this page, email us or hit me up in the DM on Instagram and we can chat it out. If you’re a person who is interested in an unconventional makeover to access levels of confidence, joy and ease you only thought was accessible to the ‘other people’ – then start by taking the quiz. It might feel at first like you’re trying to chase and swallow the rainbow… but then… when it clicks… and you give in to the process and the science, you ascend into the most magical space of ease, where you experience unprecidented levels of confidence and start to receive compliments, have more energy, and get exponential results at work. That’s when you’re hooked for good as you make your full transformation into a brand or leader that is driven by purpose, focused on impact, and is reaping the rewards of stepping out of people-pleasing and into your full potential

Let’s Go!