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Type 03 Fireside

You are deep & warm like a fiery sunset

As a fireside (03) personality type you are probably drawn to and inspired by the deep, earthy hues of Autumn, and the divine shimmer of golden hour.

Firesides are strong, reliable and often on a crusade to fight for the underdog.

As you’ll see below, your colours are warm (yellow-based) with a bit of black added – nothing too clear, nothing too cold.

Your spaces are textured, layered and warm

Fireside personality types crave texture, so your interior spaces will often have layers of lush fabrics and usually a bit of pattern. You might tend towards the rugged and rustic, gilded and flamboyant, or inspired by far away places – but no matter what your rooms will probably trend towards quirky or eclectic.

You’ll prefer organically wonky or sharp-edged shapes. Gold and brass will suit you better than silver, chrome or black.

You are strong, reliable & curious

You’re an inquisitive, passionate creature who craves deep exploration and is always ready to fight for justice (especially on behalf of the underdog). Chances are you have special skills for research or writing or asking and answering big questions. You probably love history, authentic, hand-crafted goods, ‘keeping it real’ and exploring nature. Firesides often have a special affinity with animals.

If you’re a Fireside entrepreneur…

Did you know brands have personality types too? If you’re a Fireside, you’ll naturally be drawn to building a fireside brand: a company that has depth, passion, strength, and a remarkable combination of earth and fire.

Fireside is a natural fit for any business based on strength, heritage, deep diving (law, psychology, medicine, etc.) being organic, outdoorsy or charitable.

The wardrobe of a Fireside person

Once you discover colours (shown above) it can be a real delight to edit your closet to match. If you do, chances are you will experience more daily ease, joy and expanded feelings of self-worth. You’ll also start getting more compliments because what you’re wearing actually really suits you.