Well hello there


Type 02 Seaside

You are quiet, cool and introverted

As a Type 2, Seaside personality type you are probably drawn to and inspired by the blueish, sun-bleached hues of Summer, reminiscent of the cool refreshment you’d find in the shade on a hot day.

Seasides are refined, quietly sophisticated and usually a bit bookish, artistic or attracted to the solitude one finds in music or the garden.

As you’ll see below on this page, your colours are cool (blue-based) – always with a bit of grey added – nothing too clear, nothing too warm. There is nothing wild or overstated in your color palette, because you can’t stand anything loud, and you don’t like being in the spotlight.

Your spaces are sophisticated, organized and classic

Seaside personality types crave peace and order, so they tend to prefer the indoors (or puttering in the house garden). Your interior spaces will likely be balanced and tend toward the romantic, with books, fresh or dried flowers or florals and the occasional touch of sumptuous but understated fabrics like silk.

You prefer curvy shapes and ovals. Silver or nickel will suit you better than golds, brass or copper – generally you’ll prefer brushed or aged over anything shiny.

You are thoughtful & considered

If you’re an archetypal Seaside you likely love solitude and can’t stand. You are probably deeply perceptive and naturally mindful which may draw you to working as a healer, teacher, artist, writer, or musician… but you also probably have a knack for results and facts, which may lead you towards working in a profession like medicine or law. You probably love antiques, books, flowers, or other delicate or restful pursuits. Seaside generally prefer things of the utmost quality.

If you’re a Seaside entrepreneur…

Did you know brands have personality types too? If you’re a Seaside, you’ll naturally be drawn to building a Seaside brand: a company that is mindful, peaceful, healing, luxurious and/or discreet… usually a brand that is thoughtful and aligned with exceptionally high quality.

Seaside is a natural fit for any business in or differentiates based on being especially relaxing, spiritual, or softly premium.

The wardrobe of a Seaside person

Once you discover colours (shown above) it can be a real delight to edit your closet to match. If you do, chances are you will experience more daily ease, joy and expanded feelings of self-worth. You’ll also start getting more compliments because what you’re wearing actually really suits you.