Well hello there


Type 04 Starshine

You are cool, sleek & chic

As a Type 4, Starshine personality type you are probably drawn to and inspired by the cold, crisp, dramatic hues of Winter and night time (especially the ultimate power couple: black and white).

Starshines are clear-thinking, efficient and discerning.

As you’ll see below, your colours are cool (blue-based) and high-contrast… there is no middle ground for starshines – you’re icy light, extremely bright – or deep dark. You are the only personality type with true black and white in your palette.

Starshine Colours

Your spaces are minimal, spacious & stylish

Starshine personality types crave cleanliness and spaciousness, so your interior spaces will often be monochromatic, modern and minimal. You prefer simple, sharp-edged or geometric shapes. Silver, chrome or black will suit you better than golds, brass or copper.

You are powerful and have a dramatic presence

You command attention and admiration and you never lose sight of the objective. You allow people space and you expect it as well. There’s a good chance you have special skills for design, fashion, numbers, strategy or anything cutting-edge or state-of-the-art. You probably adore a bit of glamour and prestige…. And Starshines usually prefer urban environments over rural or ‘wild’ ones.

If you’re a Starshine entrepreneur…

Did you know brands have personality types too? If you’re a Starshine, you’ll naturally be drawn to building a Starshine brand: a company that has allure, prestige or precision at its core… usually a brand that is aspirational, aligned with uncompromising standards.

Starshine is a natural fit for any business in high-tech, high-fashion, high-profile or high-performance, anything glamorous, luxurious or differentiates based on design.

The wardrobe of a Starshine person

Once you discover colours (shown above) it can be a real delight to edit your closet to match. If you do, chances are you will experience more daily ease, joy and expanded feelings of self-worth. You’ll also start getting more compliments because what you’re wearing actually really suits you. If you’re starshine, there’s a good chance your wardrobe is already very aligned with this personality type because starshine seems to be one of the most intuitive types, with colours easy to find and buy, and naturally available from the high-end brands you’re probably drawn to.