Well hello there


Type 01 Sunshine

You are warm like morning sunshine.

As a sunshine (01) personality type you are probably drawn to and inspired by the bright optimism and playfulness of Spring and sunrise.

Chances are drawn to nature and the sea or beach in particular. You are witty, enthusiastic, and never seem to age. You just seem to have a light, joyful touch.

As you’ll see below, your colour type is warm and clear – nothing too dark or heavy and nothing cold.

Your spaces are bright, light & leafy

Sunshine personality types crave lightness, brightness and life – so your preferred interior spaces probably have big windows, lots of real plants and plenty of uplifting colour. Your furniture will be light and fun and probably ecclectic or modern – nothing dark or heavy.

You’ll prefer circles and round shapes to sharp ones. Choose golds over silver & chrome.

You are probably the life of the party

You’re a social creature who craves connection and making others happy. Chances are you also have a soft spot or special skills for teaching, sport / fitness and/or communications. You probably love travel and being outside – especially in the sun.

Not your jam:

Patience, rigid deadlines, repetitive tasks and working or generally being alone.

If you’re a Sunshine entrepreneur…

Did you know brands have personality types too? If you’re a Sunshine, you’ll naturally be drawn to building a sunshine brand: a company that has positivity, optimism, fun, fitness, play or travel at its core.

You’ll provide wonderful service because you’ll be able to anticipate the needs of your clients in advance and you’ll always have a smile at the ready.

The wardrobe of a Sunshine person

Once you discover colours (shown above) it can be a real delight to edit your closet to match. If you do, chances are you will experience more daily ease, joy and expanded feelings of self-worth. You’ll also start getting more compliments because what you’re wearing actually really suits you.