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I want to leverage the best kept secret in marketing…

I have always passionate about fighting for the underdog, and in business, I want the good guys to have the unfair advantage. So, I only share my Whyfinding™ & Colour Branding methods with people & organizations who, along with growing their own freedom, fulfilment, profit & legacy, are equally committed to healing or delighting the world (or both!).


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Every bit of magic in our world starts by knowing your Brand’s Personality Type (or ‘Season’). This is an essential first step to:

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For my Brand

Let’s get you clarity & transform your brand

Find your voice, your niche, your fire, your why, your ‘weird’ & your way: not to mention the visual magic that will help you master those all-important first impressions

Are you here on behalf of a business you own, a business you’re dreaming of, or a business you work for… and you’re at some sort of crossroads?

You know need to be doing something differently but you’re not 100% sure what? Is it time for a rebrand or time to start fresh and you just want to do it the right way from the start? We got you.

Your best path forward will depend on whether you want to go fast and all-in with with Nic, or whether you’re wanting to take things at your own speed, with more self-paced and done-with you options…

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“We implemented her branding suggestions and immediately saw a positive impact.”

“I met Nichole through a mastermind for female entrepreneurs at a time when my business delivery model was completely changing due to the pandemic & changes in the global economy. Completing a Whyfinder session with her helped me realize that even if my original business model was gone, my mission did not disappear. Our session left my mindset shifted into a place of personal power, and a brilliant branding statement that represented my mission, leadership style and personality.

We implemented her branding suggestions and immediately saw a positive impact in my workplace wellness business .”

Natalia Martinez

Dr.Romie Mushtaq

Brain Doctor | Keynote Speaker

For my Clients

Let’s wow your clients

Are you a marketing, design or business development agency, coach or consultant? Do you have clients who desperately need a rebrand but you’re not the one to do it?

We are the perfect solution for high-end strategy, marketing, development and ad agencies of all sizes and scopes who seek the best of the best to help their clients with visual branding, brand purpose, brand positioning, brand messaging, brand voice, brand name and/or powerful individual elements like colour, copy, imagery & design (where only the best will do).

Our Whyfinding™ & Colour Brand™ methods are based on science (with a little bit of magic). What this means for our partners who use us, is not only can we help create better, more exciting and more reliable results for your clients – but we also make you look like a total badass.

Our process is so fresh & mindblowing to those who experience it (even those who are wildly experienced marketing & media veterans themselves) that we leave your clients totally amazed & impressed, every time. This always reflects well on you – whether you’re managing the client journey & bringing us in – or simply sending them to us.

“I was skeptical, but my session was really surprising and powerful. If you’re not sure if it’s for you, I say go for it!”

“I just had an awesome Whyfinding session and I felt so called to share what it was like, in the hopes that it’s going to help you decide to invest in this service. It was really surprising and powerful.

I’ve been in business for over seven years and my company actually does branding, so I came into this session a bit skeptical. I wondered, what really could Nichole find that we didn’t already to know? I’ve got to say the gems of wisdom that dropped through the session in the way that Nichole worked with me and the process that she used was so elegant and simple yet, so powerful.

Even with a really established brand like mine, she pulled out insights and language we haven’t thought of, that felt tremendously compelling and really resonated in my heart. What I took away from this session was brand pillars and a structure that really sat in my heart and felt so good and so unique, so me, and so clear and simple… and this was all just out of a two hour session! So if you’re considering having a whyfinding session with Nichole and you’re not sure if it’s for you, I say go for it!

If you’re new in business, this is going to cut your learning curve dramatically, so go for it. If you’re a like me, and have been in business for years and already have an established brand, you are going to get so many gems of wisdom out of this process, even if you do branding as well!”

Kimberlie Dimozantos

Founder, Lightning Rod Agency


Help us help more people

Do you have an audience of business owners who need help with brand messaging, ideal client clarity, help ‘finding their why’ and/ or building an effective brand?

Most of our products and services have an affiliate-style program built-in, where you can receive commission for successful referrals.

Make a bit of cash by connecting your audience with what you know they need most. Our Ambassador program is only for ethical, influential, cause-led people and organizations who have strong brands and values which are aligned with ours.

“It’s easier than ever for customers to choose me!”

“I’d read Simon Sinek’s book, watched videos, listened to podcasts and completed workbooks many times over the years to ‘Find my Why’… Yet I was still totally stuck. I felt like my business didn’t have a clear purpose and it weighed on me. Then in a matter of hours, Nichole made it crystal clear.

I now know exactly why I do what I do, and can clearly articulate the what, how and who I do it for. This has made writing website copy, emails, social posts and all communications in my business so much easier!

Now I can connect with my audience and potential customers on a much deeper level, making it easier than ever for customers to choose me! You can trust Nichole to help you find your why effortlessly, even if it’s eluded you for years!”

Natalia Martinez

Paige Brunton