Why Build a Brand That Matters instead of just a Business

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Podcast, Season 1

One of the most important things to understand about a brand (and I think most difficult when you’re new to the idea) is the magic stuff that makes a brand a brand.

I believe that the stuff that makes a brand a brand, starts with you:

human + business = brand

What is a Brand?

A brand is a business infused with the best bits of humanity.

If it’s a personal brand, or a brand built by one or more entrepreneurs, then that humanity comes from the people who craft it. It’s THEIR unique flavor, their beliefs, their weird, their cool, that give the brand it’s magic.

Businesses that aren’t brands, lack humanity.

They are robotic. They lack the magic fairy dust, the x-factor that gives brands such an incredible advantage in the marketplace. This is why I advocate that we build brands instead of just businesses.

Now, before we go any further, it’s important to point out, that a brand can afford to embark on adventures, and take more risks, because:

Building a brand is a LONG TERM strategy.

From a business point of view, all about creating a ‘Sustainable Competitive Advantage’, a business that is more popular, profitable and influential for a longer period of time. From a human point of view, building a brand means creating something you’re actually proud of and something that matters to the world.

The goal is that by aligning what you sell, with what you truly believe in, and the difference you want to make in the world, marketing is more fun – so it’s easier to actually do – thus adding to the ease which with success comes.

Not to mention, humans want to buy from humans.

We want to invest in stories and good causes (this is EVEN MORE TRUE with the millennial consumers who are quickly developing considerable buying power), so aligning what you sell with something that matters is good for business.

Building a brand is NOT EASY.

Keep in mind long-term strategy means it’s not necessarily about quick wins or pleasing shareholders – brands play the long game. Fair warning, this can be VERY uncomfortable while you’re waiting to see if all your time, investment, effort and faith are paying off. It’s a nerve wracking process, and it sometimes feels like being upside down and inside out and totally crazy, all at the same time! But don’t let that scare you!!

Building a brand is the path of the rebel, of the outlier… it’s hard because it’s daring and its special. You can do it because you’ve got everything it takes, right now to be successful, and you’ve got us to help. But first, let’s get clear on what makes a brand worth building.

Why Do I Need a Brand?

Most entrepreneurs don’t dream of years of hard, relentless work, leading to a sum-total of zero reward. But sadly, this is the way it goes for thousands and thousands of small business owners.

Magic Bullet

When we see businesses on social media, in magazines, or on TV that seem to miraculously have it all figured out, or appear to have become sensations overnight, it’s hard not to feel resentful, jealous or cynical about their success, chalking it up to ‘investors’ or ‘famous friends’ – or some other ‘magic bullet’ that we simply did not have access to (thus making it easier to justify why they are successful and we’re not).

Interestingly, businesses that appear to have ‘overnight success’ stories, more often than not, are actually brands.

Brands that have a lot in common with each other. Of course, almost always if you look deeper you will find YEARS of unseen, unrewarded hard work and toil that went on before their ‘big break’. But also, through my research for the Million Dollar Dog Brand book, I uncovered a cycle of advantage that might explain what’s really going on behind these ‘magic brands’ and their ‘overnight success’.

Brand Advantage Cycle:

    Attract buzz: word of mouth, free press, excitement & momentum
    Higher demand leads to more security and control, higher profits and better cash flow which fuels substantial growth
  3. POWER
    Growth and perceived success lead to credibility, authority & influence: create social change and industry disruption

The long and short of it, is if you fancy the ‘overnight success’ story – you might just need a brand! As I describe in my book, the benefits aren’t all business either:

“When you are entrepreneur and your business has buzz, demand, and influence – the advantages spread far beyond your business and seep into your life. Opportunities pop up that you may never have dreamed of: exotic trips, five-figure checks for speaking gigs, franchising, licensing, the ability to push forward causes you care about – and freedom of choice. Growth does not have to equal overwhelm. When you’re not desperate to pay the bills, you can make decisions for the right reasons. You can craft your life in the way you desire. You can create an empire and become an authority or you can simply create a job you love that affords you the lifestyle you want.”

(this is the secret to the ‘freedom & fulfilment’ I’m always talking about!)

Getting Started

If you want to take advantage of the ‘Brand Advantage Cycle’ you need to build a brand. Keep in mind this is a long-term strategy, that can lead to the holy grail of business assets:

a ‘sustainable competitive advantage’ 

(meaning, you’re very hard to compete with for a long time) as WELL as making your business very sellable one day.

All that goodness will not come overnight though… so have patience as you begin your brand building journey. A marathon, not a sprint.

But, to get you started the first three steps to building a brand that matters are these:

  1. Figure out your why, your purpose, the change you want to create in the world – figure out what you want to FIGHT for. Drawn a line in the sand and pick a side. You can’t make change, if you don’t have an opinion.
  2. Pick an existing, free place to start building a community of people who agree with you, who believe what you believe (instagram and facebook groups are both great for relationship-building) – you want to pick somewhere you can actually engage with that community.
  3. Listen to that community, engage with them, and listen to them, and they will tell YOU what they want to buy from you… and that’s when your business can really take ff

It’s that simple.

  1. Find your Purpose (figure out what you believe, and how to say what you believe)
  2. Start building a community of people who believe what you believe
  3. Engage with that community, and they’ll tell you want they want to buy from

Don’t get caught up in what to call it or what the domain name is going to be, or how you’re going to monetize it – those aren’t the first steps. Remember, I said it was going to be uncomfortable… this is going to require starting to talk about it before you have it all figured out, it’s gonna require that you’re a bit vulnerable, and that you pick a side and stand up for it. But we do have some resources to get 

But we do have some resources to get you started, over in our private Facebook group:

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You don’t have to brave this journey by yourself – my team and I, and our wonderful community of magic makers are here to help you.

That’s it for our fourth episode of the Magic Maker podcast – welcome to the headquarters of entrepreneurs who want to do good, be real, find happy and build brands that matter.

We’re thrilled you’re here.

Next week, I’ll be diving more into the first step of building a brand that matters: finding your magic. Your purpose. Your why. We’ll be exploring just how and where you might be able to figure out what makes you special, and the impact you want to have. This is one of THE most popular topics when it comes to building a brand that matters, so you’ll definitely want to make sure you tune-in.

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We’ll see you next time.

xx -Nic

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