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Whyfinding™ Sessions

Whyfinding™ Sessions

Find your Brand Purpose & Key Brand Messaging in these intimate, intensive, workshop sessions for Founders and Teams.

Walk away with

  • Clarity around Brand Purpose
  • Clear Brand Statement (elevator pitch)
  • Trigger Words to use throughout your marketing
  • Clear Ideal Client identity & psychographics
  • Clarity around differentiation / niche
  • Clear path for potential rebrand or repositioning

How does it work

1. Book online & pay


3. CHOOSE YOUR TIME (2.5 hours)


For Founders:

Nic will walk you through her signature Whymapping™ exercise. An incredibly simple, yet effective way to get all that mess in your head into not only cohesive brand language – but clear purpose that often reveals your ‘method’ – your ‘legacy work’ and/or a fantastic ‘category of one’ niche.

You will dive deep into: your skills, resources, desires, & untapped potential (Your ‘weird’). As well as the ways you hope to make the world better – the change you truly care about ( Your ‘why’).

Discover your brand pillars, the ‘Golden Thread’ that ties them all together, and the clarity you need to effectively name your purpose and put it to good use (in your current business or an entirely new one!).

You’ll also discover who you are ideally suited to serve: your perfect match ideal client.

You’ll leave the session with a tight little brand statement: the perfect way to turn heads (instead of hearing crickets) when you answer the question ‘what do you do’?

PLUS key copy for the core business questions:

(which are sometimes surprisingly hard to answer)

  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What you do?
  • How you do it?
  • Who you do it for?

You’ll leave feeling amazed with how seen you feel and how much you got done. Expect a bit of surprise magic sprinkled in along the way…

For Teams:

Same process as for Founders except instead of the Whymapping™ journey, we focus as a group on determining the brand’s primary motivations & archetypes. Instead of centering the discovery aorund the Founder, we center it around the ideal client.

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