Building Momentum by Doing What You Love

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Podcast, Season 4

“We all have permission to do what we love, we just have to prioritize it.” J. Nichole Smith

This Monday, Nichole reveals how she used a method that was shared in the previous episode and approached to Ruth Ridgeway over Instagram!

Stay tuned and learn why Nic approached her, how Ruth builds momentum by doing what she loves, and why you should do the same! In addition, you will find out all the details about Momentum Mastermind that is currently open and the new lunch of the Nic’s membership “Working with Dog”.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 0:32 – The launch of the membership “Working with Dog” and what you can expect from this episode
  • 3:14 – What it means to build a brand that matters
  • 5:56 – Why you have to give yourself permission
  • 7:14 – Ruth Ridgeway and why Nic approached her over Instagram
  • 09:10 – A big takeaway that Nic got from Ruth and how it relates to Ruth’s products
  • 13:00 – The idea of “Screw it! I am going to do what I love, anyway!” and
  • 13:12 – The question Nic wants to leave you with
  • 14:58 – A great example of why the best stuff comes from the place of love
  • 16:15 – Why you should check Momentum Mastermind
  • 18:25 – As always, let’s continue our conversion at Magic Makers Facebook group!

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Love what you do Momentum pin image
Love what you do Momentum pin image