Unconventional Makeovers
for humans & brands

what we do

Want to look good, feel good, live better and do better?

Are you allergic to doing things the ‘normal’ way, but struggle to feel clear and confident enough to truly find and express the real you?

Want to build a brand that looks good, feels good and does good – but not sure how to turn a money making business into a brand that lights you up?

why it’s amazing

What if it is actually easy & fast to get the change you’re looking for?

What if you don’t have to ‘fix yourself’ (or the world), achieve more, cultivate a spiritual practice, or know the right people in order to get the high impact results and feelings of worth & contentment you’re craving?

No matter how much money you have.
No matter what you look like.
No matter where you come from.

why you need it

Welcome to the Science & Magic of the Joy of Colour

It may sound hippy dippy but there aint nothin’ ‘toxic positivity’ about the transformation, influence, money, opportunity, connection, trust and ease you will attract when you, your brand, your environment or even your wardrobe, are in harmony.

Not to mention, the feelings of achievement, relief, joy and profound well-being you will experience when you create harmony in your life or branding.

how it works

It’s time to stop relying on old strategies to get new results.

Rooted in Positive and Colour Psychologies, our methods help you focus on only what you can control.

With our step-by-step formula (customized for your personality type) you will find it easy and fun to create mental, emotional, and physical alignment in your life or business (or both). This harmony will deliver you instant contentment, but will also be deeply felt by all who interact with you / your brand… delivering more of the impact & results you desire, while decreasing your workload, stress decision fatigue and ad spend.

what our clients say

We implemented Nic’s color suggestions and immediately saw a positive impact

“Although Nic’s work with color is based in science, the impact is simply miraculous. We implemented Nic’s colour guidance and changed our slides for keynote and virtual lectures and my wardrobe for stage and TV.

During in-person keynotes we immediately saw a positive impact in attention and engagement and we even had several people reach out to comment on how much they liked the slides. Nothing changed in the messaging, all we did was update the colors. Brilliant!”

– Dr. Romie Mushtaq, STARSHINE
Keynote Speaker | Founder brainSHIFT Institute

where it starts

What’s colour got to do with it?

Colour, in particular, your colours, can actually hold the key to powerful, instant & sustainable healing, harmony, health & joy in your body, life and even in your work.

Discover the fascinating truth about how colour and living and branding with ‘harmony’ can easily and quickly transform your life or business…

No matter how much money you have.
No matter what you look like.
No matter where you come from.

take the quiz

Find your Colours​

Discover which personality type and colour group you belong to, and what it means for your brand, home, wardrobe & more…


Hey I’m J.Nichole Smith,
but you can call me Nic.

I am an artist, author, brand architect, colour consultant and a life-long student of human behavior.

I am a uniquely qualified expert in Marketing and Colour, the science of what makes humans happy and the psychology of why we buy. The topics I specialize in, live at the intersection of how to live a happier life, how to entrepreneur and how to build a powerful, profitable, sustainable brand.

Oh, and all things dogs (my career started in the pet industry) …


I believe we all deserve a life of
joy, freedom & meaning.

But inequality, insecurity, bigotry and scarcity make safety, let alone freedom, impossible for too many. Especially for women and other marginalized communities.

Even people with tremendous privilege often find that no matter how much they have or achieve, their joy is constantly squashed by guilt, anxiety, comparison, imposter syndrome, indecision, overwhelm & the general distress that comes from feeling a lack of belonging or a lack of self-worth.

In my experience this is the number one killer of freedom-building potential.


I am here to embolden one million people who actually give a shit so together, our positive impact can be exponential & lasting.


A gleefully unconventional podcast exploring the psychology of what helps us sell, what makes us buy & what actually makes us happy.

with J.Nichole Smith

Geek out with Nic as together you explore how to use colour & design to enhance your success, and sense of wellbeing. Experience greater feelings of control, ease, fascination and joy as you expand deeper and deeper into the universal laws that define us, and the psychology that drives us.

Do you or your business need a makeover?

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