Why is the Pet Industry so White?

by | Aug 17, 2023 | Dealing with Whiteness

 “Man’s best friend has historically actually been ‘White Man’s Best Friend’ and a source of torture and Terror for Blacks”  evolvedteacher.com

If you consider yourself a dog person, and also have an interest in fair treatment for all human beings, regardless of skin colour, then today’s episode is going to be a very interesting one for you.

In this Dealing with Whiteness episode with Dr.Lynne Maureen Hurdle and Justin Na’im Hurdle-Price, we’re discussing one key question:

Why aren’t there more Black pet owners and Black pet business owners in  America?

But we’re also exploring…

  • The historic role dogs have played in racism in America
  • Some of the complicated history between Black folks and dogs
  • The Theraputic role of dogs can play in mental health
  • How breed discrimination has been linked to Black dog ownership

Plus we’ll ask some though-provoking questions about the role of dogs in ‘keeping the peace’ and explore this little doozy:

Are some dogs actually racist?

We’ll even discuss this complex (and controversial) question:

Are white peole more outraged about dogs being eaten in China than the death of innocent Black children in America?

We will also get a peek into Dr.Lynne and Justin’s family life, where dogs were and were not present and why (be sure to check out the heartwarming photos below of Justin and his pups over the years) 

Want to know more about the great work Dr.Lynne and Justin are doing to hold space for courageous conversations like this one?

Find them here:

Web: Lynne Maureen Hurdle  | On the Matter of Race

Insta: @conflictcloser