Visionaries: Dr. Angela Lauria

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Podcast, Visionaries

 “I do think that all vision has to come from clarity on who you are, and the *newsflash* … we you keep changing!


– Dr. Angela Lauria

Welcome to the pleasure of getting to know our seriously special guest, Dr. Angela Lauria.  Her self-acclaimed superpower radical honesty (#nofilter) definitely strikes a chord with me.

Angela is someone I’m privileged to call a friend and she is indeed a visionary (see her badass bio below!)  Her work at the intersection of publishing, entrepreneurship and autism is super inspiring.

Plus, I love her mission: “to encourage the notion that GREAT MINDS THINK DIFFERENTLY, not despite our differences, but because of them.”

This is 100% aligned with my belief about the wildflowers… It’s difference, not conformity, makes us better.

As it turns out – when your difference is Autism it’s not just a common neurotype, it’s also a culture.  

We dive in to Angela’s autism diagnosis and…

  • The celebration of autistic culture
  • Having a vision and pivoting
  • Tensions of balancing career goals and personal life
  • Cats vs. dogs 
  • How AI is helping the book-writing world, especially for neurodiverse folk 
  • A lovely discussion around giving yourself permission to do things that bring you joy
  • Britishy things (Angela is moving here!)
  • Oh yes, and colour – obvs 
  • plus loads more…

Chatting with Angela reminds us that it’s safe to:

  • Create boundaries (for Angela it’s about autism accommodations)
  • Be a real go-getter when those around you aren’t 
  • Follow your heart
  • Do things that really matter to you
  • Be a woman who evolves, changes her mind and continually grows

These kinds of conversations with influential, impact-focused women should be essential listening!!


About Angela

 is a late-diagnosed Autistic: “I grew up thinking I was weird, broken, or just born on the wrong planet because I didn’t know I was Autistic. We have the science now. It no longer needs to be this way. We can embrace a neurodiverse world.” As a passion, she co-hosts The Autistic Culture Podcast (great listening!).

Angela is a book coach. She has helped almost 2,000 entrepreneurs write, publish, and promote their books, and she has been doing it since 1994. Her clients have been responsible for over 10 million books read and $100 million in cumulative revenue.

PLUS, Angela was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 10 most inspiring entrepreneurs to watch – one of only 2 women on the list!  And she was ranked #60 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur 360.

She lived in a castle (!) and is now moving to the UK… a bold move which is bound to be challenging and exciting in equal measure (speaking from experience…)  From one ex-pat to another, enjoy the British culture shock my Autistic culture friend…

Take a peek at our meet-up in DC:

Photos below from my recent trip where I had a chance to visit with Angela in DC, drink cocktails and laugh for about 6 hrs straight 😂

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