Decade in Review

by | Jan 6, 2020 | Podcast, Season 5

“In the next decade, it’s not about my accomplishments or how many countries I’ve been, it’s about the depth and the quality of my relationships, both with other people and especially with myself” J. Nichole Smith

Magic makers welcome to season 5! In the very first episode of 2020, Nichole is taking a look back at the last decade and shares her personal and business highlights.

Stay tuned and find out how Nic spends her wintertime, how she picked her perfect place to reflect, what resolutions she set for the 20s, a lifelong lesson that she learned, and many more! In addition, Nic prepared a special template that will help you to review your past 10 years. Go grab it and write your magic highlights!

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 0:32 – How Nic spends her wintertime
  • 2:52 – What can you expect from this episode
  • 4:52 – Starting a year on the sea and time to reflect
  • 09:54 – A Decade in Review template
  • 10:06 – Nichole’s personal and business highlights throughout the last decade
  • 24:18 – How she finally found her spiritual path
  • 26:27 – Nic’s resolution for the next decade and a lifelong lesson
  • 32:43 – Why you should subscribe to the podcast
  • 33:34 – Who is the guest on the next episode?

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Decade in review pin image