How to Find Freedom: What does your freedom look like?

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Podcast, Season 2

How to Find Freedom – audio podcast below

I love getting to spend this time with you

It feels like such an oasis from the busy ness of life and business. TO sit down, and chat about some of the big stuff that’s swirling around us.

In my work as a consultant and brand-builder, I have seen a recurring theme with entrepreneurs – and I certainly have been no exception… and that is we have a tendency to jump to a great idea, a great product, or a great business model – get VERY excited about it – and immediately start working away at concepts, plans, domain names and taglines. Motivated by WHAT a GREAT idea it is, or by what HUGE potential it has… we often don’t slow down the idea generating machine long enough to ask ourselves ‘is it right for me’?

I once stated an entire business, poured a ton of money into it, and scraped away at it for 2 years before asking myself this question – only to be a little mortified by the answer…

Yes, it may be a great idea, it may be a great business, but is it right for ME, is it a good fit for my skills, resources… and most importantly…is the pain it will require me to endure, the kind of pain I’m willing to bear to get what I want?

One of the big big questions I ask my clients, and myself, a to help protect against getting carried away with good ideas that aren’t right for us, is to ask:

How do you want to spend your TIME?

Money is easy, there’s always more… but time, time is finite and precious.

Time and money are the currencies of freedom. The freedom to choose how we spend our time, the freedom to choose our lifestyle, freedom to create or travel or invest or just be.

Today I want to chat about what your version of freedom is and how to make it feel more real, and more achievable. Perhaps as we grow our businesses, we’ve been focused on the wrong milestones? Last week we talked about ‘what would be easy’ – what would be easier when it comes to achieving the success we dream of?

If you were to say to a long-time entrepreneur that you’re planning to start a business so you can get freedom, they would laugh in your face.  

Usually, the reality of running your own business is pretty as far on the other side of the spectrum from feeling free as you can get.

How to Find Freedom - What does your FREEDOM look like?

How to Find Freedom

You’re tied to it mentally, emotionally, financially and often physically as well – having to show up, day after day to serve – waking up in the night worrying about money or your clients or your projects, pouring your personal savings or credit into it. I’ll be the first to tell you, there is probably going to be a phase where these facts are a little bit unavoidable. Not because there is no other way, but because for most of us, no matter how many books we read, coaches we hire, friends who’ve been there who mentor us through it…

We have to learn the fundamental lessons and face the trials ourselves to actually GET IT.

TO understand that there is a better, easier, faster, free-er way to achieve BOTH success in our business AND freedom in our personal lives. But even then – we have to CREATE those things. They don’t just come naturally. They don’t just arrive because you think you deserve them, or because you make a great product, or because you really care about helping people.

You have to WANT them, and you have to MAKE it happen (which is usually a long slogging process through all kinds of obstacles, the most treacherous of which is paralytic fear). Much like an endurance athletic event – every part of your body and mind will be screaming at you to just stop. The pain is too much, the fear is too strong, the overwhelm is too great.

I know you are going to have to learn these lessons for yourself in order to grow into the relaxed, successful entrepreneur you dream of becoming… but my mission is to make that transition as SIMPLE and FAST as possible for you.

And it all starts with this simple thought…

What if your end-game isn’t to create a successful business… What if your end-game is to change the world?

  • What if growing a business and making money isn’t that hard?
  • What if the big drama we create has more to do with our own fear and resistance than anything else?
  • What if, once you decided it was easy, you could just do it, without all the drama?
  • What if you could take it off the pedestal?

What if you could just get on with creating wealth for yourself and your family so you could get to the business of serving, giving back and creating the change you’re passionate about seeing in the world … what if building a successful business that affords you financial security and freedom is just the stepping stone?

I have always found that when I realize the mountain in front of me is just the little hill before the REAL mountain I want to climb… the first climb gets easier. I stop fretting over the small stuff, I stop freaking out about my next 5 steps – because I know I’m in for the long-haul and this current goal is just a little blip before the main event (and I’ll worry about the main event later, which, by the way eventually becomes another little hill…)

This little mindset shift might just be the thing that allows you to let go of your fear, control and perfectionism.

What if the business is the easy bit, and you don’t need to take it so damn seriously?

What if it is just the stage that will enable you to do the REAL work – you won’t have to ask permission or starve while you serve – because you’ve built yourself a foundation of strength and stability from which to give generously of your time and talents and influence?

This season in the Magic Maker podcast we’re going to explore what I call the ‘4 Seasons’ of Freedom and Fulfilment… the 4 essential stages between wherever you’re at now, and the freedom and fulfilment you long for. Next episode I’ll introduce you to the 4 Seasons, but for now, I’d love to invite you to just meditate, journal, brainstorm… whatever you method is for pondering big questions… one question… and that is:

What does your version of freedom and fulfilment look like?

Do you have a clear vision of where you’d like to be headed as a human and a business owner? Thinking about your day-to-day life, comfort and relationships, think about the change you’re most passionate about contributing to… think about the legacy you’d like to leave behind… how do you want to be spending your precious time?

That’s it for this episode of the Magic Maker podcast – welcome to the headquarters of entrepreneurs who want to do good, be real, find happy and build brands that matter.

We’re thrilled you’re here.

Next week, we’re going to start looking at the 4 stages to turn your freedom vision into a reality – make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it.


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