Understanding colour harmony

by | Feb 8, 2024 | Colour Psychology

Most of the time we don’t actively recognize ‘harmony’… it’s just a good feeling we get. The same is true when it’s missing… things just feel ‘off

– J.Nichole Smith

What is Color Harmony and Why Should You Care?

Newsflash – color is energy.

What if I told you that being able to achieve color harmony in your brand, wardrobe and the environments you occupy can totally transform your experience and results?
It might seem like a stretch… I mean… in reality, color doesn’t actually exist.

Colors are wavelengths.

The way the energy of color enters our body through our eyes and brain holds tremendous power to make us feel. heal and act.
But as we set about to understand how color works – we mostly assume it’s all about each individual hue?
What can I wear to appear confident?
What color should I paint my office to be more productive?
What color should I use in my logo to seem warm and caring?

As we follow our curiosity down the color psychology rabbit-hole, devouring splashy infographics telling us how blue = trust… what most people don’t realize is that the individual color is far less important than the group of colors that are present together.

Yes, the psychology of individual colors is important – but the way that colors combine to create harmony (or not) – now that’s an even mightier force… Especially when you’tr trying to create instant trust and credibility online.

In today’s episode I’m going to explain this concept of colour harmony and share how you can use it to create a brand that is not only more authentic to you… but also creates more predicitable responses with your ideal client.

I’ll break down:

  • What is color harmony
  • What is color psychology
  • The way color and light relate to natural cycles around us
  • Share the connection between color groups and personality types
  • Give you some quick tips to achieve color harmony in your brand

Plus, explore how to craft a brand that is harmonious not just in color, but across all aspects of your business… and the why of how this is possibly THE most important thing you can do right now to get more of the right clients.

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