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by | Sep 22, 2020 | Craft Your Brand

Over and over I see businesses who have nice websites, decent logos and GREAT products and services who just aren’t getting the attention, reach and conversions they need to thrive.

There are SO many pieces that go into marketing, that it can be really hard to even know where to begin.

The #1 concern of most business owners I speak with is:

What do I focus on to get more customers and increase my revenue?

The #1 priority for increasing the effectiveness of your marketing, is to get more EMOTION into your brand and communications.

People purchase because of the way they FEEL, so this is THE MOST important tool you have to increase sales.

Typically my advice to get more feeling into your marketing is to ‘start conversations with WHY you do what you do, instead of WHAT you sell’ – which does have a FANTASTIC impact on improving results – but I’ve found this is often hard for entrepreneurs to get done quickly and often difficult to understand and implement without help.

But recently through research and trial and error I’ve discovered that by tweaking JUST THREE key brand assets business owners can effortlessly COMMUNICATE with more FEELING, and more importantly, the RIGHT feelings creating a more consistent message aligned BOTH with what the brand is all about and what the CUSTOMER wants and needs

…which can almost INSTANTLY lead to more conversions!

These three assets are:

  • Color
  • Imagery
  • Copy

Color is key here because it’s THE MOST compelling asset when it comes to making people FEEL something FAST. In fact…

People make decisions within 90 seconds of their first impression of a product, and color alone contributes up to 90 percent of the information that forms the decision.

source: University of Loyla, Maryland study

Can you believe that? Wild right!?

This is why the work I do with applied color psychology is SO important. It is the KEY to making sure that first impression is sending the right message (the SAME message as your words and images) so that your customer feels instant trust and desire for your brand and product.

When I made this discovery, I immediately set-out to provide a ‘quick fix’ for ALL THREE assets at ONCE – based on a brand’s WHY (purpose and values) and the FEELINGS your customers need to feel – so that you can have something fast and done-for-you to take and run with into all your marketing channels.

I finally came up with an afforable package I can offer to a FEW entrepreneurs at a VERY discounted rate to get you this quick fix!

What is it?

For now I’m calling this service the “Animal Magnetism Branding Package’. It is essentially a tidy little bundle of the MOST IMPORTANT three brand assets you need to easily attract more customers.

Through the questions you’ll answer we’ll be able to determine your brand’s primary personality type and archetype – which although it is NOT a complete Whyfinding process, it allows us to know and do a few REALLY important things:

  • Know which tonal group your brand should be in to achieve the color harmony that activates color psychology to your benefit (get color working FOR instead of AGAINST you!)
  • Understand clearly your positioning in the market, what makes you special, and why people are drawn to you
  • See WHICH people are drawn to you – understand your IDEAL client on a whole new EMOTIONAL level (thus making it easier to attract and convert them)
  • Make the small tweaks to color and copy that will have a HUGE impact on the response of your customers (on your website, social, everywhere!)

Most of all… you can have something fast and insanely useful to increase your brand’s power – without doing a whole ‘brand refresh’ – creating a totally new website – or paying thousands to several different people to pull together the core tools you need to ROCKET your success.

What’s included?

My goal is to give you everything you need to achieve and maintain color harmony for your brand and clarity + consistency in your messing through words and visuals.

The goal is to help you communicate with MORE FEELING, fast… so you can immediately increase your sales, audience size and positive impact as a brand.


+ Brand personality type analysis

+ Full Analysis and description of brand archetype

+ Brand Color palette (with Pantone, hex, CMYK codes provided)

+ I Believe Statement: The core piece of copy you need to introduce yourself with just the right amount of emotion, anywhere

+ Instagram bio: A shorter ‘i believe’ statement’ suitable for insta (less than 150 characters)

+ Image Recommendations (INCLUDING a small library free stock images that fit your brand)

+ Font Recommendations (INCLUDING a small library of fonts that fit your brand)

+ Marketing do’s and don’ts based on your brand’s personality

+ Notes on any additional changes recommended to maintain brand and color harmony

Investment: Will be $4999 + 

Right now only: $599 (without a call with Nic) -or – $899 (with a 1 hr 1:1 consult with Nic to discuss your results)

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How does it work?

If you click the buy now link above you’ll be taken to paypal where you can pay with your paypal balance or a card of your choice, and when you complete the transaction you’ll be sent to a questionnaire where you can tell us everything we need to know to get your package done.

Once we receive your information, we’ll get your complete branding package in 10-14 business days (we’ll be completing them in the order we receive them). This is a FRACTION of the time of most brand refresh packages, which usually take 8-12 weeks!

We will deliver all your assets in a Dropbox folder so they’ll be easy to grab and share if you so desire.

That’s it!

But hurry – this package will only be available at this prices for a VERY limited time as we gather case studies… Don’t miss out!

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