What is a Brand Statement & How Do I Get One?

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Craft Your Brand, Podcast, Season 3

What’s your Brand Statement?

We are now at a point where we can evolve a little bit of this brand conversation into something I call a brand statement. Now if you haven’t figured out your why and you don’t feel like you have this big perfect picture of the ideal brand, that’s fine. Remember, what we want to achieve is to just have a work in progress.

So the challenge that I’m laying down for you today is to work on your brand statement in progress.

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We’ve got lots of resources here to help you do that. This is also a fantastic thing to workshop inside the Facebook group because I am happy to help you do this. I absolutely love working on brand statements and it’s one of the things I’m really good at, but you can also workshop it with your friends.

You can also just keep tweaking, tweaking, tweaking.

Here’s the strategy I recommend to go about creating your brand statement. First thing is you want to make sure that there is a belief or a why statement in there somewhere. If all you’re saying is I sell x to x, then it’s a little bit boring. It’s very business. Remember, we want the human side in there as well. So one of the really easy places to start with a brand statement is to start it with the words I believe or we believe and start there.

Now, you might not end there. That might not have, and it might not be how it ends up, but that’s a great place for you to begin to understand the why I believe x or we believe x or we’re on a mission to why that will help make sure that there is an emotional core inside your brand statement.

Then follow the formulas that we’ve given you to how kind of mad lib your way into a brand statement that makes sense for you and start long. Ultimately, we want to create a brand statement that’s like eight to 10, maximum 12-13 words long. That’s what makes it impactful is that it’s short plus then it’s useful to use in places like your Instagram bio or your Twitter bio where you have a very few number of characters to actually work with.

But you’re not going to start there. Let it be a little bit longer, ramble on a little bit for a sentence or three and start to get your thoughts out. Then what you’re going to do is narrow it down. You’re going to chop it up, chop it up, chop it up. You’re going to look at each word and ask yourself what purpose is it serving and doesn’t make sense and is it the right word?

Could there be a better word or could you turn this phrase of four or five words into one word to just cut out the extra stuff, right? Because what makes this simple, this statement impactful is that it’s simple, it’s short, and it’s to the point. And like I said, we can definitely help you workshop this in the group because there’s gonna be a lot of people who have really great ideas to help you improve it. And they might be your ideal client. You never know.

So get started with the worksheets we’ve got here and definitely ask if you have questions, because this is the thing that is really hard to do by yourself and nobody expects you to. It also is a thing that takes time. So just remember what we’re looking for here is a working in progress brand statement, not the big end one.

I change mine every few months, every year or so by tweaking or adding or deleting a word as my customers tell me more about themselves and what I do for them.

So it’s not permanent. It’s not set in stone. It’s a place to start.

So you can start leading with why in your communications.

Grab your free Brand Statement Worksheet

What is a brand statement pin image

What is a brand statement pin image
What is a brand statement pin image