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Notes from the Studio

The Importance of Clarity

'A rebrand is more than just a fresh coat of paint; it’s achieving that wholeness, that cohesion that all business owners crave so desperately.’ - J.Nichole Smith Achieving Total Brand Cohesion In your zone of genius, what topic do folks bring up again and again? I’m...

The 6 Stages of a Strategic Rebrand

‘We need to find this beautiful balance between ‘it's set in stone and I can never change it’ and ‘I'm gonna change it all the time because I can't commit’… If you want to get the benefits of a brand, you need to create consistency.’ - J.Nichole Smith This could be...

BRAND NEW: Quick Fix to Get More Clients

Over and over I see businesses who have nice websites, decent logos and GREAT products and services who just aren't getting the attention, reach and conversions they need to thrive. There are SO many pieces that go into marketing, that it can be really hard to even...

What Makes Brands Cool?

So far this season here in the Magic Maker podcast, we’ve been diving into the weird and wonderful things that make a brand a brand. We’ve focused a lot on the meaning and purpose parts behind your brand – how to find and communicate your ‘big why’ in particular… as well as that all powerful desire and magnetism that makes people so loyal and addicted to some brands.